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Review - StarBaits Challenger 4s Sleeping bag.

"I've been using the StarBaits "Challenger" sleeping bag for the past two seasons. As I'm 6Ft 2inches and 15 stone (on a good day) I needed a sleeping bag that offers enough space both in width and height, and with out doubt the Challenger ticks all the right boxes. The fleece lining stops the bag feeling cold when you first get inside, I very rarely do the zip up past my knees for a quick exit, and with the aid of the anti slip pad and strap the Challenger never follows me out the bivvy door. Combined with StarBaits "Sleeping Bag Cover" it is extremely warm, I've fished in very cold conditions with this combination and to this day have never been cold inside it. You would be hard pushed to find another bag that will match this quality product."

Bruce "moose" Gaff

Bruce Gaff with a 40 pound Carp
Darrell's Fish

Review - StarBaits LCR 13ft 3.5lb TC

"I was rather lucky to get my hands on 3, 13 ft 3.5 lb TC LCR's about 12 Months ago and haven't looked back! I was using some 12 ft 6 in 3.25 lb TC with more of a through action which limited my distance to about 125 yds. As soon as picked up the LCR's I was impressed, the ringing is out of this world and the simple fact it has a 20mm tip ring is genius. Subtle branding is also an added bonus as I am a self confessed tackle tart! I first used the LCR's on my large local water, Bradleys with my fishing buddy Ando who also uses them, he is hitting 195 - 200 yds with ease. I was extremely pleased with its casting ability and have managed to add a minimum of 40 yds to my cast without having an out an out casting line (12lb power carp). Bradleys has a huge head of carp, approx 2500 most of which are mid doubles and I had some concerns over the stiffness of the rod and the possibility of "bumping fish" under the tip. This however was not a problem and the forgiving tip section just cushions any lunges a smaller fish makes. As yet I have not lost a fish on these rods and am truly stunned by its allround ability."

"Whether you want to cast to the horizon or fish under the rod tips, you won't be disappointed the LCR does it all."

Darrell Davies

Review - StarBaits Pioneer Bivvy.

"Now I am known to many of my friends as a bivvy freak as I have had most of the makes and styles of bivvies over the years. As a carp angler I like to remain mobile and as such like a bivvy that goes up and down quickly, with as least fuss as possible. The Starbaits Pioneer seemed to fit the bill and as a bonus doesn't weigh to much either, so I took the plunge and bought one. From the offset I could see that it was as well made as any other brand on the market and it came with all the extra's so no need to fork out anymore of my cash, unless I wanted a wrap. The simple pram style set up as per most nowadays is the style I prefer and I am one of those carp anglers that never shuts the door so the Pioneer again is perfect for my needs as it doesn't have one. I have used it at many different lakes across the UK and in lots of different sized swims, even those quiet little one's that aren't really big enough to accommodate a bivvy except those like the pioneer that can be widened or more importantly shortened width wise. It has withstood the wettest of Aprils and the stormiest of October's and is a pleasure during the summer months. Material and build wise I am still impressed with it even after a year of heavy use and I have to say the material thickness gives you confidence that even the most heavy handed of angler won't rip or tear it. Overall it is the type of bivvy that suits the mobile angler who wants a quick erecting bivvy, so as to enable you to move onto the fish before others and I for one am more than impressed with the Starbaits Pioneer bivvy."


Seth with Carp and Bivvy

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