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Review - StarBaits 1 man Kosy Bivvy

"My latest purchase is this well thought out bivvy, well it's two bivvies in one, pram hood style with porch to protect the door way for spring and summer fishing and for the colder months simply clip in the inner tent/pod to make it twin skin, the doors can both be closed and opened from the top or the bottom so you can be protected from the elements while always keeping an eye on your rods. As a one man bivvy its slightly larger than most British made bivvies being 300cm wide which will accommodate the biggest of bed chairs (for us who are on the larger size) and 155cm high no more rubbing your head on the canvas."

Bruce "moose" Gaff

Bruce Gaff with a 30 pound Carp
Bruce Gaff with a 35 pound Carp

Review - Probiotic Brown & Probiotic Red

"For the past four years Sensas Carp/StarBaits Probiotic Brown has been my only choice of bollie for my UK fishing, it's a go anywhere bait that I have full confidence in, sizes from 10 to 18mm cover all aspects of baiting along with the matching 4 & 6mm pellets and dip it offers the angler a good armoury, "The Red One" is the latest version of this superb bait, this is my preference when tackling waters across the channel sizes 10 to 24mm, yes 24mm big boys, also with matching 4 & 6mm pellet and dip. A recent 3 day visit to Fishabil in France is testament to this outstanding bait where I managed to nick a couple of nice 40+ Mirrors. If you have seen it in the shops get on it you won't be disappointed."

Bruce "moose" Gaff

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