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Starbaits Milspec LCR Rods

This rod is the result of years of field testing by long distance carp supremo Mitch Smith.

Marrying the power needed for distance casting with the give required for an exceptional playing action has taken
a long time to get right. But with Mitch's depth, knowledge and casting ability StarBaits have created this
brand new range of rod.

The LCR Milspec rods have been designed to enable you to cast a baited rig over 200 metres, but with feel of a soft
tip for maximum control of any size of fish.

This is the only carp rod on the market that has a 20mm tip ring. Fuji ringed for maximum distance 50/40/30/25/20/20.

  • Fuji Reel Seat.
  • Reinforced Reverse Spigot
  • Branded Butt Cap
  • Supplied with holding Joint and protective bag for the 50mm butt ring.
  • Soft feel rod bag
  • Coloured Whipping

Sure to delight all long distance fans these rods will handle sticks, PVA bags and Method Feeders.

The StarBaits Milspec LRC - The Specialists' Rod

Milspec LCR Rods 12 Foot Milspec LCR Rods 13 Foot
Milspec Rods Detail Milspec Rods Eye Detail Milspec Rods Handle Milspec Rods Eye Cover

Available in

12ft - 3lb TC Red Whipping - £159.99 (81120)
       12ft - 3.5lb TC Green Whipping - £169.99 (81140)
     13ft - 3lb TC Purple Whipping - £179.99 (81160)
     13ft - 3.5lb TC Blue Whipping - £199.99 (81170)
         13ft - 3.75lb TC Sliver Whipping - £209.99 (81180)

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