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For all your Carping needs.....

www.justcarping.co.uk is a dedicated website to all Sensas carp and all Starbaits products.
Starbaits is the leading manufacture of top quality carp fishing products and is the leading
supplier accross the whole of Eurpoe and now within the UK.

Starbaits have a wide range of products available throughout Europe, if you cannot find what
you are looking for or require any further information then please feel free to Contact us.

New for 2010

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New Products for 2010

The Baits for 2010

Instant Attract:

Instant Attract Bait Range

Birdfood Attract:

Birdfood Attract Bait Range

High Fish Attract:

High Fish Attract Bait Range

New Product Articles

"Maximum Attraction"
Attract Bait Range

Link to Attract Article

"The Bivvy for the Bigger Angler"
The QG Bivvy

Link to QG Bivvy Advert

"For a Session of Comfort"
Session Chairs

Link toDay Chairs Article

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